How do I Troubleshoot a 1994 Mustang?

Answer The 1994 Mustang comes equipped with an onboard computer that is designated to aid in the diagnosis of car troubles. The engine system is intricately linked up to the electronics system of your Mus... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot a 1994 Ford Mustang Suspension?

The 1994 Ford Mustang is equipped with a modified MacPherson strut front suspension and a four-link rear suspension, featuring coil springs at all four corners. This is a carry-over from the earlie... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a 1994 Mustang Front Wheel Shake?

Diagnosing the cause of front wheel shake in your 1994 Mustang is done by testing and eliminating possible causes of the problem until the actual problem is pinpointed. The two areas of the Mustang... Read More »

1994 Mustang Specifications?

Ford's 1994 Mustang was newly styled for the 30th anniversary of the Mustang and the fourth-generation that lasted until 2001. The 1994 Mustang was sold in a base, GT, and limited edition Cobra mo... Read More »

How to Set the Timing on a 1994 Mustang V6?

The ignition timing in the 1994 Mustang is computer controlled but the computer relies on the base or initial timing to be accurately adjusted. Inaccurate base timing can result in poor performance... Read More »