How do I Troubleshoot a 1988 Toyota Pickup?

Answer Toyota has manufactured a long line of pickup trucks since 1964. Like other modern cars that are still being driven today, the trucks developed in 1988 were equipped with many different parts and s... Read More »

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How do I Troubleshoot the Sensors on a 1988 Toyota Pickup?

Troubleshooting the sensors on a 1988 Toyota pickup requires a computer and some knowledge about how the vehicle works. Keep in mind when diagnosing the problem that one thing always affects anothe... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot the Check Engine Light on a 1988 Toyota Pickup?

The check-engine light on your 1998 Toyota Pickup can signal a serious problem with the emissions system. It can also indicate a failure of any number of the various sensors or solenoids on the tru... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a 1988 Chevrolet Pickup?

The 1988 Chevrolet pickup was manufactured in 1/2-ton, 3/4-ton and 1-ton models. The pickups changed from the rounded corner design to a box design. The 1988 models do not use a computer diagnostic... Read More »

How to Remove the Motor Head on a 1988 Toyota Pickup?

If the head gasket goes bad on the Toyota pickup truck, you will need to remove the motor head to replace it. It is not a difficult procedure, but it will take you awhile to do the job. That is one... Read More »