How do I Troubleshoot BMW Headlights Flashing When Trying to Start?

Answer Due to the way your BMW's electrical system is constructed, the headlights may flash or flicker as the car is being started if a component of the system is failing or on its way out. The most commo... Read More »

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What are ppl trying prove when they drive at night with either no lights on or flashing their brights?

I think they are trying to prove just how stupid they are, and how much more driver training they need, And, as a truck driver, let all your friends know that it is NOT a "courtesy" to flash your b... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Getting a Red X When Trying to Print a PDF?

Most closely identified with Adobe and its Adobe Acrobat range of software, the PDF (Portable Document Format) file is a commonly-used file type for brochures, guides and other digital documents. A... Read More »

My Headlights Won't Stop Flashing?

While driving down the road at night, you notice a car approaching with flashing lights. You assume it's a police vehicle, but as it passes, you notice it's a normal car. You also may be experienci... Read More »

My Car Won't Start & the Headlights Are Dim When Cranking?

Diagnosing car problems is difficult. You often do not have enough information, or do not know what the different symptoms imply. The most common problem arises with starting the vehicle, the most ... Read More »