How do I Test a Power Brake Booster For a 1971 Chevelle?

Answer Chevrolet first introduced the Chevelle in 1964. Auto enthusiasts quickly found the Chevelle to be a tinker's dream, and Chevrolet was quick to introduce a number of sportier versions to take advan... Read More »

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How to Test a Power Booster in a 1971 Chevelle?

The power brake booster an a 1971 Chevelle uses a vacuum to create additional pressure in the braking system. Before power boosters became commonplace, a driver had to exert a lot of force on the b... Read More »

How to Remove a Chevelle Brake Booster?

The Chevrolet Chevelle's power brake booster contains a vacuum diaphragm, which helps the driver to apply the brakes with less effort than "manual" brakes. A vacuum hose, which is connected to the ... Read More »

How to Fix a Brake Power Booster?

Power brakes utilize vacuum generated by the engine to lessen the force needed to apply the brakes in a vehicle as well as shorten the distance the brake pedal needs to travel. The power brake boos... Read More »

How to Test an 88 GMC Brake Booster?

The brake power booster uses vacuum generated in the engine intake manifold to amplify the force the driver exerts on the brake pedal, making the driver's job easier when slowing or stopping the ve... Read More »