How do I Tell If RJ-45 Is for Solid or Stranded Wire?

Answer The RJ-45 connector is used to terminate network cables such as Cat-5, Cat-5e, and Cat-6. Network cables can have either stranded or solid copper wires, and each type must use its corresponding typ... Read More »

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I need to extend a 14 gauge, 600 volt stranded copper wire. Can I use solid wire?

yes you can use solid sure to get your wire nuts tight

How do I solder stranded wire to solid wire?

Preparing WiresStrip 1/4 inch of insulation away from the end of each of the two wires to join. Use a pair of wire cutters or a knife. Twist the stranded wires tightly together using your fingers o... Read More »

Solid Vs. Stranded Copper Wire?

Solid and stranded copper wires have been among the most important wire types used for electronics. Each type of wire has its own strengths and weaknesses. Many different electronics have a need fo... Read More »

Stranded Vs. Solid Wiring for Car Speakers?

While audiophiles continue to struggle with whether or not sound quality is affected by differing types of speaker wire, stranded and solid speaker wires continue to be the connector of choice for ... Read More »