How do I Teach Sight Words in Kindergarten?

Answer Sight words, sometimes referred to as "Dolch words," are a list of words children need to memorize in order to fully develop their reading skills. The list of 220 primary sight words that kindergar... Read More »

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How do I Teach Sight Words to Kindergarten Students?

When teachers speak about sight words, they are referring to words that frequently appear in books children read. Sight words are not often easily sounded out; instead, they must be recognized on s... Read More »

Kindergarten Sight Words Activities?

The process of learning to read usually takes place in the kindergarten year and formally begins with phonics followed by sight words. Sight words are those that are highly prevalent and used often... Read More »

What Are Sight Words for Kindergarten?

Sight words are words that are immediately recognized without having to think about them. Sight words are high frequency words, constituting more than 50 percent of the words that kindergartners an... Read More »

The Learning of Sight Words in Kindergarten?

To become fluent readers, kindergarten children should learn to read high-frequency words, or sight words. These are common words that we read and write most frequently in everyday usage. Children ... Read More »