How do I Set Word 2003 to Always Open Attached Word Documents in the Print Layout Only?

Answer You may find your Word 2003 documents always opening in reading layout, while you prefer print layout. It can be a pain to manually change the layout setting for every document you receive. Changin... Read More »

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Can Word 2007 documents be saved in a Word 2003 format?

Microsoft Word 2007 can open and save documents in .doc format, the default file type for Word 2003 and other versions of the word processor. Saving a Word 2007 file as a .doc often is necessary to... Read More »

How to Open a Word 2003 Doc With Word 2007?

There are several new features in Word 2007, including a new program interface (the Ribbon) and a new file format for saving documents. Based on the Open Extensible Markup Language (XML), documents... Read More »

How to Print Multiple Word Documents?

Printing Word documents concurrently can save you time. Microsoft Word lets you customize your print jobs, so you can print a selection on your page, a specific page, an entire document, or multipl... Read More »

Why won't my printer print Word documents?

May want to check your default color on your word documents. Sometimes the color blue looks black on the screen. Type a word, highlight it and then go to format, fonts, font color and check to se... Read More »