How do I Scan a page onto my computer?

Answer Please make sure your scanner is connected to computer via cables and its power cable (if has any, some just has a USB cable and don't connect to mains) is on mains. If you have a HP scanner:#1Open... Read More »

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I have a letter that I am trying scan onto my computer. Unfortunately, it cannot be read after I scan it.?

If the document is handwritten, there is no way to OCR it. OCr can only ready jpegs images which contain typed letters and not hand-written ones.

How to scan onto my computer?

If you don't know where the CD is, just go to the scanner manufacturer's website, you can most likely download the right software from their "support" area using the model number unless it's really... Read More »

How do you scan something onto the computer?

You need a scanner. Hook it up. Press the scan button on the scanner. It will show up on your screen with the program you downloaded (the CD/program comes with the scanner) is easy unless y... Read More »

How do i scan pictures onto da computer?

we have the same hardware then..mine is 3 in 1..printer wid scanner and copier..u better check first if ur printer has a problem because that might cause a problem too wid ur scanner and thus the r... Read More »