How do I Run an X Pipe Exhaust?

Answer V-8 engines fire unevenly. When dual exhaust systems are installed on V-8 engines, if the exhaust gases are ported from the vehicle from each manifold, or side of the V-8 engine, the gases exit the... Read More »

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How to Cut Exhaust Pipe?

Cutting exhaust pipe is an important part of removing and installing an exhaust system on your vehicle. Power saws can cut exhaust tubing quickly, but they throw hot metal chips flying in the air w... Read More »

How to Patch an Exhaust Pipe?

If you just noticed a sudden increase in volume from your car's exhaust, you probably have had a hole rust through or puncture your exhaust pipe. This hole will affect your vehicles emissions and a... Read More »

How to Fix a Broken Exhaust Pipe?

You don't want to drive with a rusted-through exhaust pipe dragging noisily on the road. Before you get to the muffler shop, here's what to do with an exhaust pipe that is about to fall off.

How to Measure an Exhaust Pipe?

Fumes created by your automobile during fuel burning are expelled from the engine by the exhaust system. The exhaust pipe, or tailpipe, is where fumes exit the car. Many car improvement jobs involv... Read More »