How do I Root Rice Tissue Culture Plants?

Answer Plant tissue cultures are used to create genetically identical plants from a single source. This process is used to propagate quality plant strains noted for their yield, coloration or other desira... Read More »

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What is cloning crop plants in tissue culture called?

This process, which propagates new plants via a growth-stimulating gel medium in a laboratory container, is technically called micropropagation. However, it is commonly referred to as “tissue cul... Read More »

How to Do a Tissue Culture?

Tissue refers to a collection of cells with similar characteristics. These cells live in organisms, such as people, plants, and animals. A tissue culture refers to the deliberate growth of tissues ... Read More »

Tissue Culture Methods?

Tissue cultures are often done to help medical professionals determine the bacteria or virus that may be making a person sick. These tissue cultures are then allowed to grow and provide a large sam... Read More »

Why Is Tissue Culture Important?

Tissue culture refers to the growth of tissue cells in a liquid medium, conducted separate from the natural growth of that tissue in the organism to which it belongs. This is different from the cul... Read More »