How do I Rewire a Boat Ignition to the Battery?

Answer Your boat has a battery wire and and an ignition switch, and they need to get together to make the boat go. To rewire a boat ignition to the battery, a single connection--from the battery to the ig... Read More »

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How to Install an Ignition Switch on a Boat?

Ignition switches control the power going to the primary side of the starter solenoid and the shipboard 12 volt power systems. When turned on, the switch completes the accessories circuit. When it ... Read More »

How to Add a Second Battery to a Boat?

On the typical boat, the engine is similar to a car engine, and as such, needs a battery to turn the starter. But boats can sit for long periods of time between use, and they may need a bit more cr... Read More »

How to Install a Blue Sea Boat Battery Isolator?

When you use a deep-cycle battery to run the electronic toys, extra lights or a built-in stereo system on your boat, you want to use the alternator to keep that battery charged. A battery isolator ... Read More »

How to Install a Selector Switch on a Boat Battery?

Installing a battery switch on a boat is a wise investment. A boat owner can easily get carried away while at anchor, or even sitting at dock playing music, enjoying a little time reading at night,... Read More »