How do I Reset the Lamp on a Hitachi Cp-Sx 5600 Projector?

Answer The lamp timer on the Hitachi CP-SX5600W projector must be reset whenever the lamp has been replaced. The "Lamp" indicator on the display will light red or the "Change the Lamp" message will displa... Read More »

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How do I Reset a Lamp Counter on JVC RS1 Projector?

The JVC RS-1 is a D-ILA home theater projector which uses a HID projection lamp. Although the life of the lamp can vary based on a number of variables, you can expect to replace it at some point a... Read More »

Hitachi CP-RS55 Projector Specifications?

The Performa CP-RS55 is a mid-budget multimedia projector made by Hitachi. It features gamma correction and color balance functions, allowing users to make adjustments to the picture quality, and t... Read More »

How to Replace the Lamp in a Hitachi 42V710?

Hitachi manufactures quality LCD rear projection televisions of all sizes. If the picture quality begins to degrade or goes out altogether it may be because the lamp is failing or has failed and ne... Read More »

What is a projector lamp?

A projector lamp is a lamp used by a projection device to display an image onto a larger surface for viewing. Projector lamps typically need to be replaced every few thousand hours of usage.Referen... Read More »