How do I Reset a Lamp Counter on JVC RS1 Projector?

Answer The JVC RS-1 is a D-ILA home theater projector which uses a HID projection lamp. Although the life of the lamp can vary based on a number of variables, you can expect to replace it at some point a... Read More »

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How do I Reset the Lamp on a Hitachi Cp-Sx 5600 Projector?

The lamp timer on the Hitachi CP-SX5600W projector must be reset whenever the lamp has been replaced. The "Lamp" indicator on the display will light red or the "Change the Lamp" message will displa... Read More »

What is a projector lamp?

A projector lamp is a lamp used by a projection device to display an image onto a larger surface for viewing. Projector lamps typically need to be replaced every few thousand hours of usage.Referen... Read More »

Replace Projector Lamp Or...?

It is a pretty old projector (2005) but it might be worth a new bulb. The only problem is that if the projector still has another problem, you might not be able to send the bulb back, It is a gam... Read More »

How to Install a Projector Lamp?

In this guide you will learn how to install your new projector lamp instead of your old one.