How do I Replace a V9 LCD?

Answer The idea of changing a damaged LCD screen on any electronic device can be intimidating, and it can be even more delicate on a device as small and thin as a Motorola V9 cell phone. But even though t... Read More »

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Can you replace the glass on a hp4280 a pix fell on it and broke it--will the scan still work if i replace it?

It depends on where the scan bar was in comparison to the crack. It might have bent this rod and that would affect the scanning. Even a millimeter off would affect the scans. Only a trained expert ... Read More »

With the iphone 4 coming out. what will be the price to replace an iphone 3gs with a cracked screen when its out of warranty. will it still cost the 200 its been costing to replace?

Do I Have to Replace the Whole CV Joint or Can I Just Replace the Boot?

Automotive half-shafts are multi-component items; the CV joint is just one part of an entire assembly designed to transfer power from your car's transaxle to its wheels. Technically speaking, you c... Read More »

I already replace my black cartridge why its still ha ve a message to replace the blank cartridge?

I think that the cartridge has been refilled.