How do I Repair a Spark Plug in a 2000 Ford E-250 Conversion Van?

Answer In an aging vehicle such as a 2000 Ford E-250 conversion van, maintenance is a fact of life. One of the most common repair tasks is dealing with damaged spark plugs. While it is possible to extend ... Read More »

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How to Regap a Spark Plug in a 2000 Ford Focus SE?

The spark plug gap on a spark plug in a 2000 Ford Focus SE is crucial to the proper operation of an engine; and if it's off one direction or another, then the engine will run poorly. That's because... Read More »

Ford Taurus 2000 Spark Plug Installation?

The Ford Taurus 2000 has two different engine types: regular gasoline or flexible fuel. Spark plugs in the regular gasoline Taurus need to be replaced every 100,000 miles or before, and the plugs i... Read More »

2000 Ford Explorer Spark Plug Removal?

You can remove the spark plugs on your 2000 Ford Explorer right from your home garage, saving yourself time and money. You should replace the spark plugs every 100,000 miles. The Ford Explorer give... Read More »

How to Repair 5.4 Ford Spark Plug Threads?

The spark plug threads in your 5.4 Ford engine can be stripped in a number of ways. A blowout can rip them smooth when the spark plug is thrown from the engine. Over-tightening a new spark plug or ... Read More »