How do I Remove a 1997 Sentra Door Cylinder Lock?

Answer Many people who change their own ignition lock cylinder on their 1997 Nissan Sentra do not realize that they must also change the door lock cylinder in the driver's side door -- or else they will h... Read More »

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How to Remove and Replace a Toyota Tacoma 1997 Ignition Lock Cylinder?

The 1997 Toyota Tacoma uses a four-stage ignition switch. With the key rotated fully counterclockwise, the ignition is in the "Off" position and you can remove the key. Move the key one position cl... Read More »

How do I Remove a Lock Cylinder From a 1988 Mustang Car Door?

Lock cylinders are the mechanisms used for locking vehicle doors, trunks and glove boxes; keys are used to operate lock cylinders on most makes and models of cars and trucks. On the Mustang, a rod ... Read More »

How to Remove the Door Lock Cylinder on a 1995 Ford Contour?

The door lock cylinder on a 1995 Ford Contour provides a way to lock and unlock the car doors with a key. Over time, the key and lock will slowly wear on one another until both will need replacing.... Read More »

Nissan Sentra Lock Cylinder Removal?

The Nissan Sentra shares a platform with the Pulsar and NX. The ignition switch on Nissan Sentra is mounted on the steering column. It is held on with special bolts called "shear bolts" which can o... Read More »