How do I Refinish Motorcycle Emblems?

Answer Refinishing the emblem on a motorcycle is a simple process to make the emblem look as new as though it had just rolled off of the showroom floor. There are few materials to buy. Most of what you ne... Read More »

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How to Refinish Auto Emblems?

Automotive emblems can be an important part of your car's overall look. Unfortunately they're often exposed to the elements just like the rest of your car, and this can lead to the emblems getting ... Read More »

How to Take Emblems Off the Side of a Gas Tank on a Motorcycle?

Just about every motorcycle comes from the factory with decals on the gas tank: The tank badge decals either identify the brand or the model of bike. For anyone who is interested in personalizing ... Read More »

How to Replace Car Emblems?

Automobile manufacturers use emblems on vehicles to identify the model of body style and engine size. Some are installed with screws which can be easily removed but might also have adhesive undern... Read More »

How to Shave Car Emblems?

Whether Latin-American or not, almost anyone would agree that most cars look better with a nice shave, preferably Brazilian. Emblem and trim piece shaving is an old practice, dating back at least a... Read More »