How do I Reduce Urethane Primer?

Answer Urethane primer is the most commonly used type of primer in body and collision shops when repainting vehicles. Urethane primer can be used on bare metal, over old paint that has been sanded and ove... Read More »

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What Is Urethane Primer?

Urethane primer is a liquid coating that is applied to a bare surface, usually metal, prior to painting. It dries hard and clear and provides a smooth protective layer that binds well to both metal... Read More »

How to Prep Urethane Primer?

Urethane primer is commonly used in body shops as a surface coat that provides a sealed, protective base on auto panels prior to painting. It possesses a high solid content that is superior to lacq... Read More »

Where can I purchase Ruby Kisses Eye Shadow Primer and anyone know of another cheap eye shadow primer?

Most local beauty stores sell Ruby Kisses products as well as……Another nice primer is the $1 primer from ELF. I... Read More »

What is urethane used for?

Urethane and polyurethane have a wide variety of uses, such as tire treads in elevators and escalators, cutting sticks in printers, and shock-absorbing gun mounts. They are also used in adapters on... Read More »