How do I Reboot my computer please?

Answer Click on the Start orb (or button).  Point to the arrow beside the Shutdown button, and click on "Restart" on the dropdown menu.  For a cold reboot, click on Shutdown, wait a minute, and press th... Read More »

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If I reboot my computer, will it clear any viruses or trojans and such from my computer?

Yes if you put a disk in that will delete everything literally anything you want to save put it onto a memory stick and then just reinstall the program... If you are using rogers I would download t... Read More »

How Do I Reboot My HP Computer?

Rebooting your computer can help to resolve issues, such as improperly functioning devices and sluggish system performance. Rebooting the computer at the end of a day also helps to clear the memory... Read More »

How to reboot a computer?

If your system is showing the black screen. you certainly have a booting problem caused by and hardware most likely your harddisk is not making contact with the power connector or the data cable ie... Read More »

How do you reboot your computer?

you aren't talking a reboot, you are talking reformat the hard drive and reinstall everything from scratch.It's tedious, and needs to be done in the right order:1) Back up ALL your files of documen... Read More »