How do I Mount an M4 Pressure Switch?

Answer The Colt M4 entered into US military service use in 1994. Using a firearm during combat, or even hunting, it is beneficial to have quick control over its options. When operating the M4 at night, a ... Read More »

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How to Mount a Toggle Switch?

Toggle switches are utilized in virtually all appliances, vehicles and structures. As a result, their mounting system is designed to be universal. It consists of a circular base with threaded sides... Read More »

How to Mount an Ignition Switch for a Motorcycle?

Mounting an ignition switch on a motorcycle is not complicated, but it does require some mechanical aptitude. Dirt bikes need a welded mount to withstand the vibration and impact of off-road riding... Read More »

How to Adjust an Air Pressure Switch?

Air compressors utilize adjustable pressure switches to regulate the specific cut-in and cut-out levels. The "cut-in" level is the lowest air pressure setting on the switch that energizes the elect... Read More »

How to Adjust a Pressure Switch?

Pressure switches control the volume of air or liquid in a holding tank by operating the pump to start and stop while filling a tank. Water wells and air compressors use pressure switches to contro... Read More »