How do I Make a Train Hopping Map?

Answer Train hopping is a very dangerous activity in which a traveler jumps into an empty freight train car to obtain a free ride to or near his desired destination. Books such as Evasion and Jack Kerouac... Read More »

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Are there any animes that involve train hopping?

"Michiko to Hatchin" seems like something you will enjoy. There is no training hopping but is a lot of traveling because they are looking for someone. I really liked it."El Cazador de la Bruja" "Th... Read More »

What is the penalty for being caught hopping a freight train?

Well if a UP rep gave you a talk on it, why the heck are you asking on here?Assuming he DIDN'T tell you the full story, the biggest penalty is death. lesser penalties are los of limb or limbs

Can you be legally shot and killed for hopping on a train?

yuupI do it every daythe railroads buy us a great big ole gun and all the bullets we can shootbest part of the job

If I put my ear to a train track, what sound does an arriving train make against the rail?

it makes a sound like metal cables under tension are being cut and whipping arounddot put your ear to any old bit of track you dont know which one is live