How do I Learn About Wind Turbines?

Answer Wind turbines, which generate electricity by converting the energy of the wind, are used throughout the world with increasing popularity as an alternative energy resource. According to the America... Read More »

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How many wind turbines are at the Klondike Wind Farm in wasco, oregon?

There are a total of 242 wind turbines at Klondike Wind Farm, Wasco, Oregon. The first phase, Klondike I, only had 16 turbines. The second phase expanded the farm with another 50 turbines, and curr... Read More »

How many wind turbines per acre are installed in a wind farm?

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory provides calculations for the amount of land you would need to build a wind farm. It uses an estimate of 0.25 acres per wind turbine, or four wind turbines ... Read More »

Where do wind turbines come from?

Wind turbines are machines that use the wind to create electricity. The turbines are typically purchased by towns and governments rather than individuals and can be purchased in the US from one of ... Read More »

What country has the most wind turbines?

Wind energy has been gaining popularity throughout the world with many countries in Europe, Asia and North America adding turbines each year. As of February 2010, the United States leads the world ... Read More »