How do I Introduce Multiple Meaning Words?

Answer Multiple meaning words are homonyms. They have two or more meanings, even though they have the same spelling and pronunciation. Multiple meaning words can therefore cause confusion to young readers... Read More »

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How to Introduce Multiple Meaning Words to Pupils?

Learning how to properly use a word is hard enough for students, but when a word has more than one possible usage, the task becomes even more complicated. Many words in the English language can mea... Read More »

Types of Multiple Meaning Words?

Some English words look similar, but have different meanings. This can be especially confusing for someone learning English or for children who are learning to read and write in English. Even nativ... Read More »

Activities With Multiple Meaning Words?

Words with multiple meanings use context clues within sentences to reveal the correct meaning. Younger students often rely on pictures to figure out the correct word meaning. In third and fourth gr... Read More »

Ideas for Teaching Multiple Meaning Words?

Learning words with multiple meanings is important for students at the K-12 levels because these words appear on many standardized tests. Though learning the words is usually easy, students may str... Read More »