How do I Hookup DTV to a DirectTV Satellite and Antenna?

Answer "DirecTV" is a satellite service that allows users to view television channels over a satellite connection. These users generally own a DirecTV receiver, which is connected to a small DirecTV satel... Read More »

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What is required for a satellite dish hookup?

Hooking up a satellite dish may be performed by the dish company, though some consumers choose to install the dish themselves to avoid installation charges. While installation is a complicated proc... Read More »

Can a satellite splitter be used on a cable TV hookup?

A satellite splitter works from 5 MHz to 2000 MHz. A cable splitter works from 5 MHz to 1000 MHz. Therefore you can use a satellite splitter on cable because the frequencies are within its range. B... Read More »

Which is better--cable, satellite or antenna?

On One Hand: High-Definition Programming ChoicesWith a rooftop antenna, even a new HD-ready antenna, your television will receive only channels and programming from within your local region. This a... Read More »

How to Use a Satellite Dish As a Wi-Fi Antenna?

Converting a satellite dish into a Wi-Fi antenna can significantly boost the range for receiving wireless signals. In fact, the world record for sending and receiving wireless signals was set using... Read More »