How do I Heal Dark Patches on My Elbow?

Answer Dark patches on the elbows occur from dry, dead or rough skin. While the condition may be unsightly, there are simple and effective ways to treat the patches, resulting in a smooth and even skin tone.

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How to Heal Tennis Elbow?

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I have sun damage, dark patches?

Wear sunscreen to prevent sun damage and dark patches. For the dark patches you already have, sunscreen will keep them from getting even darker. To even out any pigmentation issues, exfoliating can... Read More »

How to Remove Dark Patches on My Skin?

Dark patches on the skin have many causes. Some skin conditions like melasma cause darkening of the skin. It is hereditary for others. Some medications have dark skin patches as a side effect. Othe... Read More »

How to Lighten Dark Patches on the Face?

Dark patches on the face, often called "sun spots" or "age spots," are caused by many factors, including age, pregnancy, sun exposure, cigarettes, genetics or hormones, among other causes. They are... Read More »