How do I Harvest & Eat Black Walnuts?

Answer Black walnuts grow on large trees that are often found in parks, on streets or in backyards. Before eating a black walnut you must remove the husk, wash the nut and then crack open the shell to get... Read More »

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How to Harvest Black Walnuts?

Do you have a few walnut trees and are not sure what to do with the nuts? Here are the basic instructions for harvesting your crop of walnuts. Walnuts are great plain or in walnut cake, even Cook B... Read More »

How do I harvest& preserve black walnuts?

HarvestHarvest black walnuts when they are ripe. Wear gloves and long sleeves when harvesting to prevent staining and skin irritation. Check for ripeness by examining the walnut husk. Ripe walnuts ... Read More »

How to Grow & Harvest Black Walnuts?

Black walnut trees grow slowly, producing walnuts only after 10 years. The trees are also popular for their timber. You can grow your own black walnut tree with a ripe nut. When you harvest black w... Read More »

How to Cut Black Walnuts?

The black walnut tree also is known as the American walnut and produces golf ball-sized nuts that are encased in thick hulls. The hulls are a light green color when they first develop but darken to... Read More »