How do I Fix the Blower Resistor on a Dodge Dakota?

Answer If your Dodge Dakota's climate control blower isn't functioning properly, the blower itself may not be broken. The problem may be as simple as a failed resistor. These parts usually only cost a cou... Read More »

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Where Is the Blower Resistor on a Dodge Dakota?

The blower system on a Dodge Dakota has several main components. One component is the blower motor assembly. This assembly has an electric motor and fan that blow air through the ductwork of your D... Read More »

How to Install a Fan Blower Resistor on a Dakota?

The fan blower of your Dodge Dakota truck requires a resistor to operate properly. The fan blower resistor is located in the power distribution center of the engine compartment. If the resistor blo... Read More »

How to Remove a 1998 Dodge Caravan Blower Motor Resistor?

The blower motor resistor (or relay) on your 1998 Dodge Caravan is a device that powers the blower motor, which is responsible for blowing warm or cold air through your vehicle's cabin vents. Repla... Read More »

How to Replace a Blower Motor on a 94 Dodge Dakota?

The blower motor is a powerful fan that forces air through your Dodge's cooling system, driving either warm or cool air into the cabin. When the blower motor fails, that air can no longer circulate... Read More »