How do I Fix a Door Latch on a 1993 Lincoln Continental?

Answer If the door latch on your 1993 Lincoln Continental is failing to keep the door shut or sticking when the door is opened or closed, a repair will be necessary. The repair of a door latch requires re... Read More »

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How to Replace a 1996 Lincoln Continental Door Jam Switch?

The door jam switch on a 1996 Lincoln Continental lets the computer know if the car door is opened. The switch will activate a light in the dash, so the driver will know if the car is being operate... Read More »

Instructions for Replacing the Door Handle in a 1995 Lincoln Continental?

The door handle on a 1995 Lincoln Continental connects to the door latch with the latch rod. When you pull on the door handle, it releases the door latch, allowing the door to open. If the handle b... Read More »

How to Adjust the Door Latch on a 1993 Ford F250?

The door latch on the 1993 Ford F250 is held in place by a few screws. Adjusting the door latch simply requires adjusting the screws. If the screws are too loose, the door latch will wiggle around ... Read More »

How to Replace the Radiator on a '98 Lincoln Continental?

The powerful 4.6-liter 275-horsepower engine in your 1998 Lincoln Continental needs a radiator operating under the best conditions to remove coolant heat as needed and maintain the proper engine op... Read More »