How do I Finish a Basement With Steel Studs?

Answer Basements provide a variety of challenges when it comes to wall finishes. Nonetheless, installing steel studs onto your basement walls will help overcome many of those obstacles. The steel studs ar... Read More »

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How to Finish Basements With Metal Studs?

If you are finishing your basement, one step in the process is finishing the walls. This involves building frames against the bare concrete walls and covering them with drywall. Traditionally, wood... Read More »

How to Build with Steel Studs?

Metal framing with steel studs.Steel framing is used in most office and apartment construction, and it has several advantages over wood. Steel studs are perfectly straight, don’t shrink or split ... Read More »

How to Frame a Wall in Steel Studs?

Steel stud framing is becoming the material of choice in many climates for framing walls in new construction. Lighter and cheaper then wood in most cases, you can frame a wall in almost half the ti... Read More »

How to Finish a Basement?

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