How do I Fill in a Seam in a Wall Between Drywall & Wood Paneling?

Answer As temperature changes, wood can expand or shrink. Therefore, when two different materials are installed together and one has the capacity to expand/shrink, a gap between the two should be filled w... Read More »

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How do I fill cracks in wood paneling?

Clean the Wood Paneling CrackSpray household cleaner on a clean rag. Use a circular motion to clean the wood paneling crack with the damp rag. Allow the cracked area to dry for at least 12 hours be... Read More »

How to Hang Wall Paper over Wood Paneling?

Hanging Wallpaper (click to enlarge picture)Wood Paneling makes a room look comfortable, and is great in a den. However, there is not too much you can do with wood paneling to make the room look di... Read More »

How to Repair a Drywall Ceiling Seam?

When a seam or crack in drywall appears, it usually means that either the house has shifted a little over time or that a dry climate has dried out the joint compound (it is also possible that drywa... Read More »

How to Paint Over Fake Paneling Drywall in my Mobile Home?

Fake paneling drywall may look attractive when it is brand new and offer a cheaper alternative to real drywall throughout your home, but eventually fake paneling drywall becomes dirty, marked, scra... Read More »