How do I Fight Red-Light & Speed Camera Tickets?

Answer Tickets that are issued based on traffic light camera photos have become increasingly common across the United States. These tickets generate revenue for the city or county and police departments t... Read More »

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How to Fight a Red Light Camera Ticket?

If you've received a red light camera ticket and don't believe it's accurate in your case, here is what to do.

Do red light camera tickets go under driving record in NJ?

How to Fight a Red Light Camera Ticket in Texas?

Red light cameras were first installed in Texas in 2003. If you've received a notice in the mail that you ran a red light and were caught on camera, you must take action by the deadline on the noti... Read More »

Will a Nikon speed light SB-20 work with a Nikon D40 camera?

yeah ... it will work on the newer cameras.However, you are better off with a sb400/600/800 or the better 900.They camera will auto detect the settings of these new lense ... vs. you messing around... Read More »