How do I Evict Tenants in Florida?

Answer Landlords who rent their properties independently can find it difficult to get through Florida's eviction process. It can also cost an average of more than $400 in filing fees alone (as of 2011). T... Read More »

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How to Evict Tenants & Their Belongings?

Residential eviction laws differ from one state to another. Some states in the country follow the provisions of the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, or at least a variation on that legi... Read More »

How to Evict Tenants in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is a vibrant city, with a strong restaurant scene, a great nightlife and plenty of top colleges. Sometimes you'll run into a tenant that is not able to appreciate the beauty of the cit... Read More »

How to Evict Tenants From Section 8 Housing?

To evict tenants from section 8 housing the process is the same as any other tenant. A property owner may only evict a section 8 tenant for non-payment of rent or non-compliance issues. There are t... Read More »

How to Evict Your Current Tenants with a Section 8 Notice?

First it is important to remember than you can’t just evict your tenant for no apparent reason, such as you don’t like them. There has to be a clear and legal reason for their eviction, otherwi... Read More »