How do I Disassemble an Acer AL1917 Monitor?

Answer Disassembling your Acer laptop monitor is a good way to diagnose any problems that may be plaguing the screen; in doing so, you don't have to access the computer's main CPU internals (potentially r... Read More »

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Acer Monitor Repair - Where Can I Find Tips & Instructions For Acer Monitor Repair?

Check out LCD Monitor Repair ( ). Acer is one of the brands I repair, and it's usually a backlight or inverter problem. If the monitor is black without any visibl... Read More »

How to Disassemble a Gateway FPD2275W LCD Monitor?

If the LCD screen on your Gateway FPD2275W monitor isn't functioning properly, you may want to take a look inside to diagnose the problem. Of course, this process requires disassembly of your monit... Read More »

LCD monitor ACER?

LCD problems? Flicker is related to Screen Refresh Rate.Best guess, your monitor settings (in Windows) are incorrect. LCD monitors aren't the same as CRT monitors. Use ONLY the "Native Resolution... Read More »

How to Install an Acer Monitor in Win XP?

A monitor upgrade is always a joyous occasion. A larger screen or flat screen, or both, can be the ultimate upgrade for your viewing pleasure. Installing a new monitor is one of the easiest upgrade... Read More »