How do I Create a Folder to attach to my Gmail using Win VISTA?

Answer You should know this. You're wearing that suit in your display picture as if you have all the answers.

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Why when I try to create a new "gmail" account it converts to "googlemail" account.Why cant I just get Gmail?

dont worry anyways is going to be @gmail.com…

How do i change a folder name in vista?

Locate the folder whose name you want to change. If the folder is on your desktop, find it there. Otherwise open a Vista Explorer window by clicking on the "Start" button, then choosing "Computer,"... Read More »

Where is the Vista Startup folder?

The Windows Vista Startup folder contains the programs that are automatically set to be active when Windows starts. Open the Program Data folder, then the Microsoft folder, then Windows, then Start... Read More »

How to share a folder(vista) with the other PC(xp) using a router?

xp has to be running service pack 2. connect both pc's to your router. Create a home network on the vista machine and save the settings when prompted to a usb key. put the usb key in your xp mac... Read More »