How do I Connect an Air-to-Fuel Ratio Flowmeter?

Answer The air-to-fuel ratio flowmeter is a gauge that measures the free oxygen content in the exhaust emissions of a vehicle. This gauge detects the amount or percentage of oxygen, and converts it into a... Read More »

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How to Set an Air Fuel Ratio?

Older vehicles combust gasoline by using an air to fuel mixture inside of a carbeurator. Air is drawn into the carbeurator as well as a mix of gasoline. The air and fuel is mixed together before be... Read More »

How to Connect an Air to Flow Ratio Meter?

Air flow being sent to the engine of your vehicle is measured by an air to flow ratio meter, called a mass air flow sensor. This sensor is located inside of the engine compartment between the air ... Read More »

How to Figure an Air Fuel Ratio?

The ideal air to fuel ratio is 14.7 parts air to 1.0 parts fuel. This is called the stoichiometric ratio. It is the amount of air needed to burn the fuel. If your automobile engine is receiving a d... Read More »

How to Adjust Air Fuel Ratio?

Modern fuel systems are electronically controlled fuel injection systems. A computer takes care of the mixing of air and fuel. However, in older vehicles made prior to 1990, it was common for manuf... Read More »