How do I Connect an Air-to-Fuel Ratio Flowmeter?

Answer The air-to-fuel ratio flowmeter is a gauge that measures the free oxygen content in the exhaust emissions of a vehicle. This gauge detects the amount or percentage of oxygen, and converts it into a... Read More »

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How to Set an Air Fuel Ratio?

Older vehicles combust gasoline by using an air to fuel mixture inside of a carbeurator. Air is drawn into the carbeurator as well as a mix of gasoline. The air and fuel is mixed together before be... Read More »

How to Connect an Air to Flow Ratio Meter?

Air flow being sent to the engine of your vehicle is measured by an air to flow ratio meter, called a mass air flow sensor. This sensor is located inside of the engine compartment between the air ... Read More »

DIY Air to Fuel Ratio Metering?

Vehicles that are carbureted ignite the gasoline by a different method than traditional electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems that are installed on modern-day vehicles. The air/fuel ratio of a ca... Read More »

How to Measure the Air-to-Fuel Ratio?

Measuring the air-to-fuel ratio, called the "lambda," requires the use of an air/fuel ratio meter. The meter uses a sensor located at the end of the vehicle's exhaust pipe. An air/fuel meter will p... Read More »