How do I Clean a Smelly Evaporator Coil in an Auto?

Answer Evaporator coils help enhance the performance of air-conditioners and heat pumps. They are found in any type of automobile. Through use, they can become worn and smelly, causing a car to smell bad.... Read More »

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How do I clean an evaporator slant coil?

Cleaning the Evaporator CoilGather your cleaning materials: coil cleaner foam, a breathing mask, a wet/dry vacuum, a soft wire brush and safety goggles. Put on the plastic safety goggles and breath... Read More »

How do I spray clean an evaporator coil?

Clean the Coil With HVAC CleanerUnplug the appliance, and move it away from the wall or window if necessary. Lift off any coil covers, or remove them with a screwdriver. Vacuum the evaporator coil ... Read More »

How to Clean an Auto A/C Evaporator?

Automobile air conditioners use a refrigerant to cool the air before sending it into the car's cabin. Within the AC unit is the evaporator, a coil that is cooled by the refrigerant gas. Once the co... Read More »

Evaporator coil and new air handler?

You can clean the coil in place,they have sprays that will foam the dirt and then you can flush with a hose. Make sure the drain is free and not clogged up. Thereb is a metal cover that you can uns... Read More »