How do I Change the Backlight on a Vaio PCG-FXA?

Answer The Vaio PCG-FXA is a Sony computer that features a key on it known as the "Fn" key. This key is common on many laptops and can be paired with numerous other keys, mostly the "F" sequence keys to p... Read More »

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How do I Change the Backlight on a Focus ZX5 Wagon?

The ZX5 was a Ford Focus trim made for the first-generation Ford Focus, sold from 2000 to 2007. All ZX5s were wagons, but some were three-door wagons rather than five-door wagons. This does not aff... Read More »

How do i change the lcd led backlight bulb in a gateway laptop?

Use the ScrewdriverPower down the Gateway laptop. Take off the power cord. Remove the battery from the computer. Open the laptop screen. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws around the monitor.Co... Read More »

How to Change Clock Backlight in 2003 Honda Odyssey Message Board?

The 2003 Honda Odyssey is equipped with a message display on the instrument panel that provides information to the driver. Part of the display shows the clock. The backlight brightness of the messa... Read More »

How do I change the language settings for hotmail on a Sony Vaio?

Open Hotmail and select "Options" from the upper-right hand corner of the Hotmail window. Select "More Options." A new window will open. Under the option "Customize your mail" click the link "Selec... Read More »