How do I Care for an Aluminum Trailer?

Answer Horse, camping and other trailers are generally made with either steel or aluminum frames. Aluminum trailers are more lightweight, but if you own one, you know that it can dent easily if it's store... Read More »

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How to Polish an Aluminum Trailer?

Aluminum trailers are some of the best made trailer types, unfortunately, the new trailer shine tends to wear off after time. Aluminum naturally oxidizes, turning that beautiful aluminum into a dul... Read More »

How to Remove Oxidation From an Aluminum Trailer?

Oxidation is a white chalky residue that forms on the surface of aluminum and many other materials. Oxidation is caused by exposure to oxygen in the air. Generally aluminum oxidation can be removed... Read More »

Aluminum Vs. Galvanized Trailer Wheels?

Whether you are purchasing a new trailer or updating an old one, you have the choice of aluminum or galvanized wheel rims. Examine the pros and cons of each to determine which option is best for you.

How Do I Remove a Trailer Aluminum Shell?

The aluminum shell of a trailer may need to be removed to give access to internal wall components that are in need of repair or for salvage value resale because the trailer is beyond repair. If the... Read More »