How do I Calculate the Percent of a Goal?

Answer No matter what goal you want to achieve, you can measure your progress as a percentage of the goal. For example, if you have a sales goal for the month, you could measure your sales thus far as a p... Read More »

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How to Calculate Reaching a Financial Goal With the Interest Rate?

When saving up for a vacation or even retirement, it is wise to practice financial planning to see what it will take to reach your financial goal. Saving money will offer interest, so it is possibl... Read More »

How to Calculate the Percent of Something?

Calculating the percentage of something is necessary if you want to find out of the proportions between two quantities. Some percentage calculations are easy and can be done without any helping too... Read More »

How to Calculate Percent Ratios?

A ratio is a comparison of two numbers. In a percent ratio, the two numbers represent a group and a subset of that group. Many ratios are expressed as a percentage. Common percentages you hear abou... Read More »

How to Calculate a Percent of Total?

Percentages offer a means of comparing dissimilar numbers. As an example, 10 out of 100 looks very different than 500 out of 5000, but they are both just 10 percent. When calculating a percent of a... Read More »