How do I Calculate Mineral Resource Value?

Answer A mineral resource is an accumulation of naturally occurring materials in or on the Earth's crust. Mineral resources can be designated "measured," "indicated" or "inferred" to indicate the degree o... Read More »

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Is stainless steel a renewable mineral resource?

A natural resource is renewable if Nature can replace it at the rate at which it is consumed. Stainless steel is not a mineral resource but comes from non-renewable metal resources (iron, chromium,... Read More »

How to Calculate Sensitivity, Specificity, Positive Predictive Value, and Negative Predictive Value?

For any given test administered to a given population, it is important to calculate the sensitivity[1], specificity[2], positive predictive value[3], and negative predictive value[4], in order to d... Read More »

How to Calculate the Surface Area of a Mineral?

Generally speaking, minerals such as quartz, calcite, and hematite do not have a physical structure that constitutes a perfect geometric shape. They tend to be rocky formations with many jagged noo... Read More »

How to Calculate RMS Value?

Technically, the root mean square (RMS) of a variable is the square root of the average of the square of the variable. This kind of average is useful when a simpler type of averaging yields little ... Read More »