How do I Avoid Wrapped Text in Messages From Mail to Outlook Express?

Answer When users of Outlook Express receive messages sent from Apple's "Mail" application, those messages may contain text that is "wrapped." This wrapping occurs because Apple's Mail application convert... Read More »

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How do I convert Outlook messages in Outlook Express?

Converting Outlook Messages in Outlook ExpressOpen Outlook Express. Click the "File" menu. Hover over "Import," and choose "Messages." Choose "Microsoft Outlook" from the list of available programs... Read More »

Where are Outlook Express messages saved?

All Outlook Express information, including messages, contacts and calendar entries are stored within its proprietary PST file format. To locate the path of such files, right-click a personal folder... Read More »

Where are Outlook Express messages stored?

Outlook Express email messages are stored in the "Store Folder." To locate this folder, start Outlook Express. Go to the "Tools" menu on the toolbar, click "Options" and go to the "Maintenance" tab... Read More »

Where do the messages go when you export them in Outlook Express?

Using the "Export" option in Outlook Express only exports the messages into other Outlook or Windows mail programs that are installed on your machine. "Export" doesn't create a file that can be use... Read More »