How do I Apply Nursing Theory to Performance Appraisals?

Answer Nursing theory is a set of statements reflecting activities and methods that are the foundation of good nursing care. Therefore, it makes sense to develop nursing performance appraisals based on nu... Read More »

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How to Apply Jean Watsons Nursing Theory Into Nursing?

It is timely to consider the Jean Watson Caring Theory and Nursing Model. Many nurses complain about their increased burden of paperwork. As the nursing role has evolved, some believe there has bee... Read More »

Why are performance appraisals important?

Performance appraisals are not something managers and their subordinates look forward to. However, a properly delivered performance appraisal can boost productivity and improve performance.Accolade... Read More »

Why Standardize Performance Appraisals?

Performance appraisals are a tool that managers use to track and enhance employee development. A company that use standardized performance appraisals can ensure that it is grading its employees usi... Read More »

Cons of Performance Appraisals?

Performance appraisals are periodic evaluations of an employee's performance, usually conducted by one or more superiors or co-workers. Although performance appraisals can be an effective method of... Read More »