How do I Add DDR2 Memory in an HP Vectra Desktop?

Answer Sometimes, your HP Vectra desktop computer can start to slow down over the years, making simple things like checking emails or writing a document require lots of time. If this is your issue, then i... Read More »

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Can DDR2 memory be used in a Compaq Presario desktop?

Compaq Presario desktop computers use whatever is the "standard" at the time of its construction. This includes DDR2 RAM, which is still available in some Presario PCs as of 2010. So, yes, Compaq P... Read More »

Will DDR2-667 memory work with DDR2-800 memory?

DDR2-667 memory will work with DDR2-800 memory as long as the computer's motherboard supports DDR2-800. DDR2 memory slots will work with any DDR2 memory at or below the maximum supported speed. A... Read More »

Is DDR2 memory 240-pin?

Yes. DDR2 memory sticks are 240-pin. DDR2 is not designed to be backwards compatible with DDR memory, which is 184-pin. To prevent DDR2 sticks from being put in DDR motherboards, the "notch" in the... Read More »

What is the difference between ddr&ddr2 memory?

DDR2 memory is able to transfer data twice as quickly as DDR memory by sending data twice as many times during each clock cycle of the computer. Additionally, DDR2 consumes less power. The two type... Read More »