How do I Activate a Prepaid T-Mobile SIM With an iPhone?

Answer Although iPhones sold through AT&T are always "locked" to the carrier based on programming settings, many iPhones you purchase used through third parties are "unlocked" and can be used with any car... Read More »

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How to Activate a Prepaid T-Mobile SIM Using iPhone 2.2.1?

A prepaid SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card allows mobile phone users to prepurchase usage minutes on a pay-as-you-go basis. These cards store information such as the phone's number, service ca... Read More »

Can you activate a prepaid t-mobile phone online?

As of 2010, prepaid T-Mobile phones cannot be activated online. The activation of T-Mobile prepaid phones requires a call from a separate phone and the customer is then walked step-by-step through ... Read More »

Can you use a T-mobile prepaid SIM with an iphone?

You cannot use a T-mobile prepaid SIM card with an iPhone. As of May 2010, AT&T is the online carrier that offers Apple's iPhone. Apple's exclusive contract with AT&T will expire in 2010.Source:Bri... Read More »

How do I Check the Balance on Prepaid T-Mobile iPhone?

In the United States, the iPhone is sold exclusively for use on the AT&T wireless network. It is possible, however, to use a "jailbroken" and unlocked iPhone with T-Mobile's prepaid service, which ... Read More »