How do Asians stay so thin?

Answer hey good question!! i am asian too. My family only goes to YUM-CHA(chinese resturant) occasionally, but rarely, like once on school holidays. The reason why the hot tea, instead of soda is because ... Read More »

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Why asians do better on mathematics The b.b.c. had a piece discussing a connection between rice farming and math. scores and Asians.?

I normally do not respond to culture type questions, as it is more of a cultural philosophy question than technical. But, brillant mathematicians appear the world over. It has to start early. Dedic... Read More »

How to Stay Thin?

USDA 'My Pyramid'Having trouble balancing your eating habits and health? This guide provides some basic pointers in maintaining healthy eating habits to keep your body 'thin'.

Do you look up to those asians who totally dislike other asians and are white washed?

I'm thin, like REALLY thin... and i'm neither anorexic nor bulimic... but my cheeck's REALLY chubby...?

ama, kite perlu bersyukur dgn kejadian Allah ye..dgn ini kite akan rase lebih tenang..sesungguhnye ini adalah takdir dan tidak boleh disalahkan oleh sesiape...haha!! XDps...she is my friend and i k... Read More »