How do Asian parents beat their kids?

Answer Hit them with their bamboo sticks and shove them in a corner in a 90 degree chair position to reflect on why they only got a 99 in math class

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What is the name of the TV show in the 70's 0r 80's where kids cooked to beat the clock and their parents had to guess which meal was the one they made?

What to do if you can't tell anyone but your parents beat you?

Bring it up on here =D. Sorry I guess call the cops? Artixthepaladin

Asian parents often tell their child/children not to sleep with their hair wet. Any scientific reason for this?

Sleeping with wet hair is a very bad idea, because you wake up with dry hair bent in all the wrong directions, and it can be very hard to comb properly. If you are an Asian child, you just don't h... Read More »

How to Beat Your Parents to the Phone?

"I'll get it!"Pick up phone* *beep beep beep*Can't Connect