How Do ABS Brakes Work in the Ice & Snow?

Answer Anti-lock braking systems, or ABS, are among the most important advances in driver safety of recent decades, but they can also give drivers a false sense of security in severe condition. Driving an... Read More »

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How do ABS brakes work in the ice& snow?

When modern anti-lock braking systems were first introduced in 1971, they were heralded as the panacea to brake-related accidents. While they do decrease stopping distances on dry pavement, they ge... Read More »

How to Work With Mica Snow?

Since it is a lightly colored and glittery mineral, mica can be processed to resemble freshly-fallen snow for craft projects. The mineral can add the appearance of a dusting of snow to winter craft... Read More »

Why won't the "Let it snow" Google easter egg work?

It is because Google Instant predictions is on.To turn it off, go to (add .au at the end if you're Australian) and clock the little settings button in the top right hand corne... Read More »

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