How disgusting is your keyboard?

Answer Absolutley gross, I have the great job of cleaning everyones computers in the office at work, although i clean them once a month they still get really acked up with gunk. Worst case is when you sp... Read More »

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OMG! Same as you! Exact I find EVERYTHING that people find not disgusting, disgusting, except that, because I love to have orgasms no matter how disgusting =]

This is really disgusting To me?

In the thingy? ... Vagina? No, she'll be fine.

How can I not be so disgusting?

For acne:Wash Your face with CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser then Apply CeraVe Moisturizing Cleanser in the morning. At night wash your face with a paste made with baking soda & water, use witch hazel as... Read More »

Need Help... I Know It May Sound Disgusting But..?

You might want to try taking a laxative to help you, and then after that, make sure you eat foods with plenty of fiber.An optimal diet would typically include:BreakfastBran cereal(All-Bran 13 gm;Fi... Read More »