How difficult is a stickectomy?

Answer Not difficult at all... you just grab onto it, get a good foothold, and tug with all your might. It should come right out of her Uranus.(((Princess)))

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How difficult is to get in the CIA?

One can anticipate the screening process to lengthy, competitive and very in depth.

Can someone please help me with a difficult co-worker?

First of all your store manager needs to stand up to this assistant. She isn't doing her job if she is allowing this person to be abusive. Pushing back is not what this is about. The store manager ... Read More »

Why does parking a car have to be SO difficult?

it's only difficult for women as far as i know...

What is difficult urination?

People of all ages can experience urination difficulties but the Mayo Clinic says they are most often associated with an enlarged prostate gland in men or with a condition known as prostatitis. Uri... Read More »