How different parts of both cameras work to capture the data?

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How is the direction of data flow different for data transfer for mp3 players and digital cameras?

MP3 files are downloaded from the PC to the MP3 player, in contrast to a digital camera, which transfers or uploads data to the PC.

Cameras That Allow Remote PC Capture?

A wildlife photographer wants to record the hatching of an eagle's egg. A small business owner wants to monitor off-site equipment. In both of these scenarios, investing in a camera that supports r... Read More »

How do conventional cameras capture images?

The film is covered with a light sensitive compound, which reacts when the shutter opens and allows the camera to catch an image of what's outside.

Why do Cameras fail to capture tiny sounds EG scratching head,droppng a coin,or slapping a pillow?

Because they are tiny sounds and the camera microphone isn't as sensitive as your ears.